Mass Gainer- Chocolate and Caramel 6.6 lbs

  • Rs. 2,699.00
  • Save Rs. 201

I am not a weight gainer fan, so i took lot of time to come up with a product which works. Weight gainers usually make people fat, exactly what happened with me. So in this formulation i had to ensure that the sugar content had to be minimal so that you can pack on good calories.

Free ebook 4 weeks all you need, which includes 

  •  4 weeks fitness plan
  •  Includes your diet and training
  •  Supplementation

Take this product if you training heavy

Because if you are training is light, you would only get fat by packing on useless calories. This is a potent formula to load you with good calories. But if you are not training enough than you will only be wasting your money. As always i will always give you the honest opinion. 

  • 20 grams Protein per serving
  • 6.6 lbs (3 kgs)
  • Only 10 grams sugar that too sucralose (sugar free)
  • 68 grams of pure carbs (to help you pack on good calorie

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