Super Stack- Pre work out and BCAA

  • Rs. 999.00
  • Save Rs. 1,000

Two for the price of One. 

A perfect blend of BCAA, Caffeine, L-Arginine, L- Carnitine and L-Glutamine
150 grams will have 15 serving size tag anyone can afford.


Tarun Gill Fitness takes pride in introducing India’s first all in one pre work out which will not only give you insane pump but also get you in the mood to train thanks to its caffeine blend.

150 grams will have 15 servings


Quantity- 150 grams

After the enormous success of my whey protein series, i proudly bring to you, India’s most cost effective Branch Chain Amino Acid better known as BCAAs. BCAA have a different role to play when it comes to supplementation. Just imagine you are trying to minimize body fat either on a low carb diet or by creating a calorie deficit. In this phase, BCAA will help you preserve your hard earned muscles and prevent the muscle breakdown. Again it is tried and tested. But remember this is a product it may or may not work on everyone.