About Tarun

Tarun Gill is India’s leading fitness influencer, entrepreneur and a best selling author. He is also the Founder of Indian Fitness League, IFL the toughest the fittest, India’s first fitness TV reality show aired on DSport (Discovery Sport)

About Two years ago, my life changed when i uploaded my first video on Youtube. I was frustrated. I had left my corporate job of an investment banker to follow my passion of making a great career in the fitness industry. 

I always thought passion was enough to make it big anywhere but little did i know, that passion had to be channelized in the right direction. 

I didn’t have enough money to invest in opening up a gym or set up a sustainable business in the fitness industry. I didn’t know to do. So instead i picked up my old DSLR which was never used and started venting out my feelings. 

Those feelings took the form of meaningful fitness content without me actually knowing about it. And before i knew it, Tarun Gill Fitness had become one of India’s most credible and watched fitness youtube channel. 

 I always knew i wanted to do something in fitness, but never thought it would be Youtube. Within weeks i got my first paycheck from Youtube, which made me wonder that this could be the fitness platform which i was looking for. 

Youtube changed my life, and inspired me to change the DNA of the Indian fitness industry by bringing in the much needed education in this sector. But most importantly, Tarun Gill fitness allowed me to be who i always wanted to be. 

Tarun Gill Fitness also allowed me to meet many interesting people who helped me shape my career in the fitness industry. From Bollywood to Industrialists, it has made me go places. 

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