You are responsible for your fat gut

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How long does it actually take to get a body of your dreams. Well, for some it takes years, for some it always remain a dream and there are others who only take three-six months to achieve their dream body.

I am sure you are wondering and even rationalising that it is almost impossible to get a body in three to six months! Well it is possible. I have seen so many people wasting their time in the gym, money on weight loss products only to get demotivated in the end when they don’t see any results.


I have said this in many of my posts, that the only way you can get a body of your choice is by getting disciplined. Not for few weeks, or months, but for life. And most of us can’t do that. Because we believe there is more to life than just eating clean food. I often find people complaining, “ i can’t live on salads, or protein, i love my carbs”


Well if you do love your carbs, stop complaining about your gut. I am by no means saying carbs add to weight gain, its not the carbs but the timing of carbs which adds fat on our body. That is why discipline becomes so much more important in our lives. Eating the right food at the right time.


Its not one hour in the gym which will get you that lean body, but the remaining twenty three hours in the day and what you eat and do in those hours will decide the fate of your health. And considering we live the sedentary lifestyle, we will find someone to blame other than our lack of commitment viz genetics.


We always blame our genetics for weight gain. People tell me that that they gain weight very easily, its their genetic make up. And my reply to them is very simple. I acknowledge your genetics but if gaining weight easily are your genetics, you not losing weight cannot be blamed on genetics! Or can you. So stop blaming genetics for your fat gut.


Coming back to my point of getting a dream body in three to six months! I have seen many people do it, and have helped many people get it including myself. And all i can say that all you need is discipline in your life. You don’t need a dietitian or a personal trainer. Are you ready.

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