Yes Aamir Khan used roids- so did Vani Kapoor

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Its been a while that i have written a blog post. Even though the writer in me has been bugging me for a while to pen down my inane thoughts on fitness and well being. So here we go. Many of you have been asking me to talk about Aamir Khan’s transformation for his upcoming movie “Dangal”. Is it natural or it has taken the chemical route. Wait a second, since when did I start taking the political correct way and shying away from using words such as anabolic steroids or juice in my list of vocabulary. So let me put it differently or rather be upfront about it.

What do I think of Aamir Khan transformation- is it natural or there is an element of substance abuse.

Before I answer your question, just for a minute imagine yourself to be 51 years old, which is what Aamir Khan’s age is.

What do you see, let me tell you what I see as an average Indian fitness enthusiast.

  1. I see my beautiful kids and their growing monetary demands because now they go to college.
  2. A new house which I just bought which now gives me a flexibility to have a small house party with larger seating area.
  3. A nice luxury car which after years of struggle i finally managed to buy.
  4. And grey hair, or a receding hairline with a not so healthy lifestyle.

Thats what I see as an average Indian. Now lets compare that with Aamir Khan and see how he looks.

  1. He still has beautiful hair or rather have hair , putting it mildly (transplant or no transplant, lets just keep that open)
  2. He has beautiful kids, which he doesn’t have to worry or succumb to their monetary demands given his lavish lifestyle.
  3. Owning plenty of luxury cars, which comes from the hard work he has put in and bringing meaningful cinema into the Indian film industry (trust me i am not a Aamir Khan fan)
  4. And despite all the above, he still manages to get a great physique for his movie Dangal.

Point I am trying to make is that Aamir khan represents a film industry for which he has to prepare himself for characters. Be it Sanjay Singhania of Ghajini, or Samar or Dhoom 3. This comes with a job. If you were to ask me, as someone who has used every cycle in the book, I dont think I can even look remotely close to Aamir Khan what he is looking in Dangal at the age of 51. Call it my failure, but I am in my mid thirties and have transformed myself numerous times. But the thought of transformation in fifties scares me. How many fifty years old you see look like Aamir khan.

Now lets talk about his steroid use.

This apparently is the hot topic these days which everyone is talking about. I say so what if he has taken steroids. Almost every actor has dabbled with steroids at some point in his life even female actors. Lately you can also say Vani Kapoor, looks pretty juiced up for her character in Befikre. I say that because that level of fat percentage for a female can only be achieved with some substance abuse. But despite all that, let me tell you, it is impossible to get a figure like hers, and what she has managed to achieve.

Coming back to Aamir Khan, I also feel he may have taken steroids, but guys, let me tell you something, at 51, or even 21 years you still need to put in insane amount of hard work to get a physique like Aamir khan. So lets just bury the chemical usage and get inspired for what he has achieved.

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