Worst mistake: exercise and overeating

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We all love eating, and most of us have joined a fitness center, so we could eat more! Especially after a rigorous exercise routine, we love to reward ourselves with rich foods and large portions.

Remember, training by no means gives us the permit to eat more, but rather aligns us with the right eating pattern. But we tend to over look all this and eat more after our work out session hoping we would achieve our fitness goal.

In order to get close to our fitness goal, it is very important to avoid overeating post workout. Here are several useful tips and hints that can assist you to feel full throughout the day, and avoid overeating:


Knowing when to end your workout is of utmost importance. In order to achieve a fit body fast, majority of people tend to over train. But this is not the correct approach. Remember, weight loss and muscle growth will happen gradually, not overnight. Especially, when you over train on an empty stomach, you will get the urge of eating something immediately. Due to which, you may end up eating more.


Having pre-workout meal is important to avoid overeating after the workout. It will give you sufficient energy required to do a high intensity workout. And not just this, a pre-workout meal will help prevent muscle breakdown as well as fasten the muscle recovery process.

When it comes to eating before your workout, you can either eat a small portion of carbs and proteins or you can make a meal that is low in calories and increase your energy level.


Having enough water on a daily basis will keep your body well hydrated, enabling it to function properly during the workout. It will also boost your energy level and make you feel full for a longer period. In order to get desired results, prefer having cold water, the reason being, you body will burn more calories to heat it up during a high intensity workout. And it will also help curb post-workout hung pangs.


One of the best ways to avoid over eating after your workout is having food rich in fiber. It will make you feel full throughout your day and prevent you from becoming a victim of “comfort eating.” Also, focus more on whole foods- fruits and vegetables, whole grains with low glycemic index and lean protein foods. Such foods will provide all the vital nutrients your body needs to function properly.


No matter whether your aim is to lose weight or build muscle, always eat small meals on regular intervals. If you train heavy in the gym, you should never skip your breakfast. Having a good healthy breakfast in the morning will kick-start your body’s metabolism. Then throughout the day, keep eating on regular intervals, after every three to four hours. It will increase your energy and keep the metabolism level high. After your workout, have boiled eggs and sautéed veggies.

But before you do anything, it is important to understand your body and its nutritional requirements so that you don’t pout on weight despite all your hard work.

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