Why you can’t look the same all year

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We all have this constant urge to look good every day and every minute of our lives. This obsession for aesthetics makes us do crazy desperate things which often leads to unhealthy side effects. In this post i wanted to share with you that why you can’t look the same every day and why you should not even try to do so.

Off season and On Season

Offseason is when you are trying to pack on as much muscle mass as you can by creating an extra calorie surplus. Whereas on season is the opposite of off season when you try to create a calorie deficit to look as shredded as you can for a particular period of time, event or a photoshoot.

Why off season and on season

We also need to categorise our goals in these two stages. Offseason when you are trying to bulk up and on season when you are trying to show off your body. Here is why

1. You can’t look the same all through the year

Supplements would stop working, your diet and even your training if you would do the same thing day after day, weeks after weeks. Hence you have to change things around to get the best output out of your body. And when you do that, your aesthetics would change, and you won’t look the same, but trust me you would only get better.

2. Choose your months when you want to look your best

Because eye cant look the same all through the year, therefore you need to to choose your months very wisely when you want to look your best. And prepare for that on season goal of yours.

3. Choose your offseason goals

You need to have reasonable off season goals. Offseason doesn’t mean you slacking around and doing what you want to. Your utmost goal should be to add more muscle mass with limited fat gain. To do that slowly increase your calorie count dont just go overboard.

4. Spend more time in off season

As a thumbrule, spend more time in off season because this is the time when you would actually grow new muscle mass. Plus this phase will also help you with recovery and strength. ideally you should have 16-24 weeks in your off season.

5. On season- show off but don’t get obsessed

Flaunt your on season body because you have worked hard for it. but dont try too hard to maintain it. after a point just let go and get back into your off season mode to grow new muscle mass.

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