Why we don’t like going to the gym

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Have you ever wondered that despite paying a hefty annual gym membership, we use it only for three weeks. First week is the week when we enrol ourselves, at the start of the year. Second week is our struggle to continue with the routine. And third week is around the end of year, when we realise we have not used the gym membership all through the year.

But why is it that we don’t use the gym despite having an easy access to it. Why is it that going to any fitness centre seems like a punishment to us. It took me few years to nail this point down and here it goes:


This is true! And i can tell you that with my experience. I was spending too much time on commuting to the gym and coming back, so decided to change the gym which is closer to my house. Hoping it will make things convenient for me. Which it did! but so convenient that i actually stopped going, thinking it is now close to my house and i can go anytime. The convenience factor worked against me. This is exactly how it happened to my clients who get even more lazier after joining  a nearby gym.


Gym, believe it or not, is boring. The four walls with the same set of equipments glaring at us for attention, can be intimidating. The small or even larger space does take a toll on us and part of us screams to get the hell out. It happens with me a lot, and trust me a lot!


This has been my worry ever since. The trainers apply the same plain vanilla concept on all, making people do the same set of exercises and training splits. For how long can you put up with that. You will eventually give up. Isn’t!

So i would say, do something which you can do for long term as part of your fitness routine. It could be gym, outdoor sports, or even a walk after dinner. But it is better than doing something than absolutely nothing!

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