Why couples gain weight after marriage

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Its like stating the obvious! People put on weight after getting married especially in India. What is the reason for it? We all have been struggling for years to get the answer to this question.

This struggle got me to interview many married couples and their recent weight gain. And we finally got our answer.


  • Most of the newly married usually follow a strict diet before their big wedding day
  • To Look The Fittest On Their D-Day, These Couples Pay Lacs To The Renowned Dieticians And Fitness Trainers Of India.
  • These dieticians put them on a strict diet plan which is relatively at par with starvation.
  • The results are visible; couples do lose weight in record time, but now comes the flip side.
  • A week before the big day, people and relatives host wedding dinners and ceremonies
  • These ceremonies has food which is tempting and couples had refreined themselves from for weeks
  • Saying no is not an option, Indian relatives have this knack to get offended for the smallest of reasons.
  • Couple Convince Themselves Of Having Just One Small Meal, Which Would Not Make Too Much Of A Difference To Their Bodies
  • One meal becomes two and then this binge gets carried on till their honeymoon.
  • And when the couple returns from their honeymoon they are at least five kilos overweight
  • Five kilos to many couple doesn’t

And the story continues…

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