Why are women more flexible than men

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Do you know women are more flexible than men! Yes its true, women were always identified with flexibility and men with strength and brawn. Men were never known to be flexible; strong, yes, but never flexible.

Ever stopped to wonder why?There are many factors behind why women are more flexible than men but nothing so drastic that meets the eye until you pay really close attention to the details.


Men have naturally bigger and stronger bones. Like it or not that is just the way we were built. And though it has its perks it also gets in our way sometimes. The biggest – flexibility. Having a big bone structure doesn’t necessarily mean it will make us clumsy or effect our speed, the least it will do is limit our flexibility a tad bit.

Since a woman’s body is built to stretch for childbirth, naturally she has wider and larger hips, making her more accessible to movements and doing splits. This is why it is easier for women to perform yoga as compared to men. kudos to the ladies!


While men have a stronger and a better ability to build muscle mass (thanks to testosterone) women on the other hand have a lean, longer and more elastic muscle structure enabling them to outperform men in flexibility tasks. Thats why they can not only multitask better but can also do much more with their bodies.


Hormones play pivotal roles in muscle size and flexibility. The difference between men and women in hormones is testosterone and estrogen. Testosterone increases everything from size and mass of the muscle to the male skeletal.Whereas estrogen in women body keep the muscle mass in check, making them lighter and more flexible. That is why it is impossible for women to pack on muscles.

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