When Is The Best Time To Do Cardio?

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When it comes to doing cardio, there is no specific time-it differs from person to person.There are some people who wakes up at 4:0 am just to do some cardio followed by their weight training session later in the day. On the other hand, there are some people who do their cardio right before or after their workout.

There is no doubt in the fact that cardio us a very important of training routine that one should follow. It not just increases the endurance levels but also it is an important factor in preventing all sorts of heart problems and diseases.

But the question is when is the best time to o cardio? Should cardio be done before or after the weight training or should there be a gap of some hours between the two? Also, some people

However in order to get the most out of your cardio routine, it is recommended to do cardio everyday at the same time. But there is more to this there are a few rule that one must follow, which can help you understand when is the best time to do cardio.

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According to various exercise experts and knowledgeable trainers, morning is certainly not the best time to do cardio as doing it on an empty stomach can rather harm your body.

Unfortunately, majority of the people have a notion that doing cardio in the morning that too empty stomach can help them lose fat. They believe that in the morning they have low glycogen stores and energy level as they don’t have carbohydrates. But this time is absolutely unsuitable for doing  cardio. However, they don’t know the fact that fat burn does not happen in between cardio work out, it happens 2 hours later.

So if one’s target is to lose muscle or get skinny then, by all means, he/she can do cardio in the morning, though it is commonly known not to do cardio on an empty stomach. In simple words, doing exercise without feeding your body resembles going into a war with no ammunition. Don’t take it wrong, as I previously explained that it’s good if someone desires to lose muscles rather than fat. If someone is a morning person, simply ensure that he must take something light to eat and hold up no less than 30-45 minutes before doing cardio.


If you can’t do cardio in the morning, the second best option for cardio is to satat it after you have completed your basic workout. Doing cardio after weight lifting workout, one must certify that he is utilising more fat for vitality rather than glucose. In the meantime, most of the glucose was utilised in weight training programs, one’s body will have no option except to utilise more fat for vitality.


Doing cardio around 25 minutes before workout drains all of the vitality. Basically, one has no fuel in the tank in order to adequately take full advantage from weight training. One requires pretty amount of glucose in the system so as to lift the most extreme measures of poundages. If one does not have enough glucose in his system, he is not going to have proficient weight preparing exercises.


Try to plan your sessions distinct from weightlifting sessions. If anyone lifts weights 4 times in each week, then he should running on the different three days in which he is not lifting the weights. It certifies that one has the best possible energy to work out best in either lifting sessions or doing cardio.

If one can’t then, he do cardio after workouts at any rate. One can likewise do cardio after weights if he has done 4-5 cardio programs and are genuine body builders. Remind that one can get the optimal gains when he has the foremost energy.

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