Use technology to lose weight

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To stay fit you now have to become a technology person. The sooner you realise, better would be for you, that technology and fitness plays and will continue to play a key role in our lives.

Look at your mobile device, from IOS to Android, it is inbuilt with a technology which captures how many steps you take through the day. Plus there are more than one million fitness apps logging your food, calories to exercises which can be downloaded /installed with a click of a button. Most of them are free and some are obviously paid.


Using technology for fitness is important for all of us to track our goals, so we could measure our progress against them. Our major problem lies in not using any numbers especially in fitness.


How many times do we actually count our calories! Or how many times do we write how much or what all we eat. But its opposite of our conditioning and upbringing. Because right from childhood we are incentivised with numbers by our parents. If you get these much marks in your class, we will get you this or get you that.

Then we grow up and our supervisors and managers hire us on the number of experience and percentage of marks scored in B-school. We are all about numbers. But don’t want to apply these numbers in fitness. My question is Why


Numbers will expose you to your current fitness level and will make road for your next fitness benchmark.

If you are struggling to stay fit and healthy, my recommendation to all of you is to first start logging what all you eat through the day. You can use many apps for this including fitbit, myfitnesspal etc. This will help you track your calories intake. Once you start writing, you will be shocked to see the results.


Trust me you don’t even have to worry about your fitness goal. Once you know the numbers, they will guide you to your goal with ease. Can you imagine for an organisation who has no vision, or strategy to get to their goal. Chances are you won’t work for such companies because you are betting your career on it and need to be in control by knowing what you are signing up for.

Don’t you always research about the company you want to join? Their annual turnover, their employee base etc. Its all numbers. When we are so careful about choosing the companies we work for, why are we so negligent about our health numbers.

“Don’t let anyone tell you those numbers, take control on your health by knowing what you put inside by logging everything. Use technology for that, because there is more to technology than Faceook and Google”.

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