Top 4 supplements of the nineties

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Indian fake or rather counterfeit supplement market is at its peak right now. For someone who is new to the world of food supplements, would often ask why on earth would someone buy such products. The truth is that all Indian consumers, well almost, are not even aware if they are buying a genuine product. These products have raided the market, and now the time is such that it has become almost impossible for us to identify the fake from the genuine, I mean products here, applies to people as well, but we would stick to products.

The counterfeit supplements had almost no presence in the nineties, simply because there were no buyers. Here is why

  • People back in the nineties didn’t know about supplements
  • Supplements were often perceived as steroids
  • And because they were limited, the cost to acquire them was very high.

So let’s see the most popular nineties supplements

Creatine Monohydrate by Prolab

This was one of the favorites of many bodybuilders back in the days. This was considered to be the miracle product when it came to packing muscle mass in days. But because of its white color, many people thought it to be cocaine-looking and stayed away from it. The cost of 300 grams of creatine monohydrate in the nineties was around Rs. 2500. Can you imagine compare to now which is Rs. 300. How things change.

Beast spray by Ultralab

I remember when this product came. It was revolutionary! It was not in a pill or a powder form but a spray to be used under your tongue. The makers never disclosed what was inside it but all we got to know that it had a proprietary blend, which could not be revealed.  Beast was used to increase muscle mass. Nobody back in the nineties was into sic packs, all wanted some heavy duty muscle mass.

It was priced at Rs. 3500 and was super duper expensive but the serious athletes bought it. Now it is only available in the US as a homeopathic product.


1 AD Androstenediol

1 AD was a precursor to a steroid! Which means when the steroids got banned in the US, the scientists found a way to create a supplement which is actually a food supplement but in reality a steroid. This was an instant rage all over the world and i have seen so many Indian bodybuilders craving for this product. This product was a luxury and was only being imported from the US for almost Rs, 5000 and athletes were willing to pay this amount.

 Ripped Fuel by Twinlab

This was one of the first fat burners came into the Indian market in the late nineties. Trust me on this, back in the days, this was probably the most effective product to shed fat. This was because it had ephedra, a Chinese herbal plant blend which was later associated with many deaths due to raising heart rate at abnormal levels. This was certainly a miracle product which was not well tolerated by everyone. Just think of this an initial clen which got everyone going. The cost of this product was rs. 3000 back then now it comes with a different packing without the ephedra.


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