Tips to stay fit at work

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us, we easily start following it. If you were to look at it carefully, it is this convenience, which leads to weight gain.

  • It’s not convenient to go to gym everyday, because it appears to be too far
  • It’s not convenient to eat healthy because we have to do grocery shopping every week.
  • Its not convenient for us to carry food to work, because we may have to make an effort everyday

We Just Want To Stay In Our Comfort Zone, Which, Doesn’t Let Us Grow Neither Professionally Nor Physically. You Have To Do Something Extraordinary Other Than What You Typically Do To Get A Promotion, Similarly You Have To Do Things, Which, May Appear To Be Crazy For Others, To Stay Fit.

How To Stay Fit At Work

Starts with Breakfast

If you are one of those who are always running late for work, there are many on-the-go breakfast options. Please no granola bars, they are high in sugar and can spike up your body sugar levels, which can be very unhealthy for your body. How about an apple and some oatmeal prepared in milk. Just drink it down and you are ready to go.

No heavy lunch

Don’t go for heavy working lunch that will only make you feel either hyper or sleepy. The basic idea is not to stuff yourself but have a balanced meal, which should make you feel energetic throughout the day.

Eating journal

And as a thumb rule, always keep a close tab on what you are eating because we are so caught up with our work routine we lose track of how much we have eaten and when we start calculating at the end of our day, we realize food items which we could have easily avoided.

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