The Tarun Gill story

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I am not a fitness guru but just like anyone else who was never comfortable with the body. After years of struggle, trying out over one hundred training and diet programs, I only came to a conclusion that none of this actually works. Youngsters, teenagers and people across age groups are constantly struggling to find that one magic pill which can transform their bodies overnight.

I don’t blame them! I was also one of those people uncomfortable in my skin, trying every weight loss product in the market hoping that this may work. Only to realize that fitness products don’t work, they only give us one thing, which is missing from our lives viz, hope. Hope that this product could be the end of all and will get us the body we want.

The Tarun Gill Phobia

This desperate spree made me try almost every food supplement and banned substances in the Indian market. As a person in my mid twenties who lived with an inferiority complex of chest fat, man boobs, in my growing up days, I just wanted to get rid of my chest fat. Same chest fat which made me the biggest joke in my school, so much so that I even once contemplated committing suicide.

But the optimist in me kept me going from different training programs to different fitness instructors. Some of them, well almost all of them tried to make money out of me, which is quite a common practice in any part of the world. But even after spending thousands and thousands of hard earned rupees, nobody could help me get rid of those man boobs.

As a middle class educated Indian, attending the best of academic institutions St Stephens College, Indian Institute of Mass Communication and an MBA from North America’s ivy league colleges. I decided to fix these man boobs on my own.

What changed my life

It took me years to understand my own body, but eventually I managed to transform my body. This transformation was not just physical but mental and spiritual, which changed my perspective towards health and fitness. I realized there would be so many people, kids undergoing the same problem, hoping someone to fix it for them. And I decided that someone could very well be me.

This thought made me leave my high profile ten years corporate career with Genpact, IBM, Metlife and HSBC and made me persue my ambition to help people with their health and fitness goals. And the result was An online fitness platform for people to put up their questions and me answering them via my video blogs.

Within six months of its launch, Tarun Gill fitness became the largest growing fitness community of India with over one lac social media followers and growing. Simply because people connected with this average middle class man trying to make a difference and educating young India on fitness, free of cost.

There is a Tarun Gill in all of us

This journey of Tarun Gill fitness has been overwhelming and I feel there is a Tarun Gill in every Indian. Tarun Gill who is uncomfortable with his/her body type, has man boobs, spending thousands on fitness products, training religiously with no direction for hours everyday and being misguided by few people in the name of fitness training. Let me help you overcome that Tarun Gill phobia which will change your life and help you identify and discover the real you. You may be a sixteen-year-old living with this phobia or a person in mid forties trying to hide this phobia, let me fix it for life.

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