The nude gym can motivate us to stay regular

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We all make new year resolutions, well this has become a yearly ritual for almost all of us. And the most common of them is getting a gym membership, but using a gym for training is a whole different game. It is exactly like deja vu. It happens every year

  • Oh, i have gained so much weight
  • i dont look too good
  • This is not me
  • i need to do something about it
  • Let the new year comes! This year i will be the person who i always wanted to be
  • In this zeal we get a gym membership
  • Exercise for couple of days
  • And then its the same what it was last year.
  • We postpone our dream body until next year.

This year can be different

But this year may be different for people in New York. Not really sure if this concept can come down to India. The gym is called Hanson fitness, where the gym will have nude classes. Which means you can train nude in this gym. Damn! the idea i am sure it is to see your body in the shape you always wanted and if you see the fat you in the mirror while training, it may trigger your motivation to be more regular, hence resulting in regularity and consistency.

Can you imagine training nude. Well if you cant, here are some shots which you may want to visualize.










































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