Stop Dieting to Reduce Weight!

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Are you tired of your dieting? Still not reducing your weight? Just imagine a world without dieting!

It’s not that the diets don’t work, although some of them do work and are clearly miracles. It’s that most of us have the mentality that diets should be quick fixes and should reduce the weight (they don’t). As a result, most people end up blaming themselves for their inability to lose weight and try yet another diet . This is the reason why most of the people gain more weight while on diet.

We need to stop dieting. Why? Because we are physiologically and psychologically programmed to fail whenever we attempt to restrict calories. Diets are all about control. Control your starches, Control your calories, Control your appetite, Control your cravings.

Below are some steps to help you break free from a dieting mentality and lose weight.

STOP dieting:

– Dieting deprives us of physical and emotional nutrition,

– Dieting creates dysfunctional behaviours,

– Dieting contributes to weight gain.

Eat Real Food: You should switch to real food which contains real carbs and efficient nutrients like Vegetable , fruits , whole-grain grain , eggs, fish , meat etc.

Drink Water: There is no better beverage for your body. It’s a perfect cleanser for your body. It also increases your metabolism.

Sit Down for Meals: Do NOT walk or stand while eating. Digestion needs relaxation to function properly. If you are walking and eating, digestion shuts down and this will make you gain more weight.

Move Your Body: A simple 35-40 minute daily walk can help. You just need to move yourself EVERY SINGLE DAY.

  • Don’t eat cold foods or too many salads , this slows down metabolism power.
  • Don’t forbid foods because the dieter becomes obsessed with what they cannot have, so this also make you gain more weight.

Stop dieting, and start loving yourself and the food you eat. You’ll achieve your ideal weight in no time!

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