Six packs, a turn off for women

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This is no surprise that every man especially Indian man is obsessed with six packs. If he doesn’t have six packs, he is either trying to get one, if he has one, he is trying to maintain that by starving himself. Somehow I fail to understand the six pack obsession. Agreed it is the gold standard of fitness which epitomises low body fat but there is more to fitness than just six pack abs.

After training more than five hundred men, out of which ninety percent wanted six packs, only to impress the opposite sex behind the usual crap of I want abs for myself stuff. I came to conclusion that women dont really want men with six pack abs. Because women apparently know much more about men’s six packs struggle and drug abuse to get to those washboard abs then any average man would do. It is now all out in the open and women knows what men have to put up with to get the abs pop out, which is a turn off for most of them. I mean think about it, juiced up men with low sex drive (side effect of steroid abuse) is by no means a turn on for any woman.

Here are my three reasons why women find six packs over rated or a turn off


Men feel that having a six pack will make them more desirable amongst all the ladies, which I feel is not true. Whatever little I know of women (I had my days) they like smart men who they can emotionally connect with and who can make them laugh. Having a six pack is not even in their list, unless men want to impress sixteen year old teenage girls who would want to flaunt your abs in their girly gang of who has got the hottest boyfriend.

Self obsessed

This is no surprise! Men with six pack abs tend to be overly obsessed with their bodies especially their abs. They leave no opportunity to flaunt their chiseled abs in any public forum. I say this because I was like that back in the past, as I said earlier, I had my days. Women dating a man who loves his abs more than anything else in this world, is really hard to deal with. I mean for how long women can have meaningless discussions on protein shakes and how big is my biceps.

Boiled food eaters

As we all know that to maintain those hard abs, you need to eat boiled food. Well most of the men have to unless you are gifted genetics. Unfortunately this boiled food is not available in any of the restaurants or any eating joint. Which means these men would have to carry food from home on a date. Trust me even I have done it. (my wife would kill me for this). To date a man who not even occasionally binges on food or drinks can take a toll on any woman.

Via this article my message is loud and clear. Don’t be obsessed with abs, there is more to fitness than six pack abs. What’s the point of having abs when you cant please your woman or make her feel comfortable. I say this with experience.

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