Shocking weight loss secrets of Bollywood actors

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One question which we always keep asking ourselves and even others that “How do actors stay fit”. What is their work out regime, diet plan or even a secret recipe, which keeps them young and in shape for years.

Let me share their secret mantra viz money. Yes you heard it right! Money can buy almost anything.

From expensive botox shots on the face, which makes an actor look young and fresh away from wrinkles to human growth hormones (HGH) which makes their body looks toned and shaped.

This is fair, considering its their job and they get paid to entertain us. We expect almost all actors to be in shape and if by mistake they put on some extra weight, they suddenly more newsworthy where channels talk about their sudden weight gain. Vidya Balan, being the classic example.

I am by no means implying that you cant be fit if you don’t have the kind of money actors do. But you need to be ready for the consequences. Because actors in their quest to look good, put everything on the line, from their bodies, diet to recommended drugs.

So here is how you can get a body/figure like of any actor

Camera adds five pounds

This is a fact, that camera makes us look fat. It actually adds five pounds on our bodies. If you don’t believe me, just look at some of your pictures, they will make you look so fat that even you would be surprised to see them. Actors know this about camera and hence do everything they can to look lean and slim.

Diet, diet and diet

Actors have mastered the art of dieting. Because they know if they were to eat little extra it will show on their face for everyone to notice. So they eat less. Some even starve themselves.

Smoke and cola

This is one of the most effective ways; actors have discovered to curb their appetite. Smoking contains nicotine, which does lead to weight loss by killing your appetite and doing other severe damages to your lungs. Cola contains caffeine, which is a stimulant and helps us concentrate. Caffeine is found in almost all fat burners. A combination of smoke and cola is dangerous but actors abuse it very commonly.

Steroids and HGH

Lets face it, it is almost impossible for anyone to get the perfect body in days. But actors do this very successfully, making us question our own fitness training, which we have been following for years with little or no results. The answer to their chiseled bodies is steroids and HGH. And most of the actors especially in Hollywood have confessed that they have dabbled with steroids, a synthetic testosterone hormone.

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