Shock your body to lose weight

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We all have to make efforts to get to our fitness goals.

The key obviously lies in the hard work but there are many other things that we can do along with our exercise routine to get close to our dream body.


One of the principles is to constantly challenge your existing pattern. Be it your exercise or even your dietary habits. It automatically gets accustomed to the lifestyle and the food you usually put inside it.

Which means your body immediately starts guessing which food at what time will be coming inside and the work out time or the exercise when you would be pushing your body to the extreme.


All the major work outs and exercise techniques revolve around shocking your body. The reason for that is simple- the moment your body gets acclimatized to your exercise routine, it would stop producing results. Because the work load is not new. That’s why you constantly have to increase, decrease weights, progression or strip sets to get optimum results.

As a thumbrule, never let your body get comfortable with your pattern. Think about it, what were to happen if you have dal every nightas your meal or keep doing the same workout routine in the gym or keep running every day without a cause.

Always try to shock your body, try different work outs, every 10 days, try different healthy food items every second day, let the body do the guesswork. And see it grow


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