Please for God sakes stop dieting

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Whenever i talk about weight loss, i often find people asking me about dieting. What kind of food should we eat, what to avoid and so forth! The truth is we all know the answers but want to hear from others.

Actually i don’t like the word “Diet” This to me means major modifications into our food behaviour for a short period of time, till the time we don’t get to our desired weight. Anything which is temporary cannot be sustainable. That is why diets don’t work! Its a short term fix which becomes a bigger problem later on.

I have seen so many clients regain more weight after they stop dieting. Research also shows, that  98% of people regain the weight they lost (plus more) after 5 years and up to 66% regain it after just 1 year. So please don’t diet, and will give you some more reasons why you should not: 


Dieting is a complete waste of time. Neither does it accelerate permanent fat burn nor does it make you any stronger. To burn fat you need to workout, to workout you need energy; to gain energy you need to eat proper – the right amount of protein and carbs. Diets are focused purely on your weight, not your wellness so be cautious. Not only will some ‘diet’ plans not give you results but harm your body alternatively.


Aside from the emotional aspects of going on a diet, physiologically, your body naturally responds to eating less by slowing down your metabolism. If you go extreme in cutting calories instead of gradually drawing down your intake, your body will react with an impact on hunger hormones, fatigue, and for some headaches. You will gain weight easily even eating less than you did before.


Dieting creates a predisposition to emotionally triggered eating. Guilt is the greatest trigger for overeating. Your relationship with food is all about being good or being bad, and food is turned into an enemy. So you think a lot about how you gave in to the enemy just now, and what a bad person that makes you, forcing you to eat your emotions away.


Like we discussed earlier, carbohydrates is not your enemy. Calories are your enemy and carbohydrate does not increase your fat content in your body. Granted technically it cannot be used as a fat burner but it gives us the energy we need to use to workout to burn fat.


You go out with your friends and you discover a new restaurant but since you’re on a diet, all you can order from the menu are salads and water. Or after shopping you enter a fast food chain? Neither can you eat but you make others feel guilty about in front of you. And your mind is always distracted thinking about what your next meal will be or should be.

You only live once, make it a lifestyle not a frigging diet punishment

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