Low Carb may lead to constipation

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We Indians believe it or not like to follow others. And especially when it comes to their food and dietary habits. Often we would find ourselves replicating our friend’s diet and fitness regime just because he/she managed to lose weight or put on some muscle mass.


We have often emphasized the fact that what may work on your friends may not work on you. One size doesn’t fit all. Because our body type is different, our metabolic rate is different and so on. But in our quest to lose weight, we often overlook the basics especially when it comes to following a low carb diet.
Some of the things you should remember when you trying to follow a low carb diet.


Have often seen people complaining of constipation and diarrhea when they suddenly switch to a new diet. This is very common symptom of a low carb diet. Constipation and fluid retention also cause the swollen, bloated feeling in your abdomen on a low-carb diet


There are many reasons for this- one of them is lack of fiber. Fiber is a carbohydrate from plants which our body cant digest. Fiber helps in bowel movement by softening your stool and making the process a lot easier and smoother. Many low-carb diets minimise fruit and vegetable consumption because of the sugars they contain, and some of us end up with hard stools that are difficult to pass

Chances are if you were on a low carb diet, your protein consumption would be high. This protein would typically come from dairy products such as milk, paneer (cheese) etc. High protein diet may also upset your stomach more so if you are lactose intolerant, which may include gas, bloating, abdominal pain, nausea and diarrhea.


Eat low-carbohydrate, fiber-rich vegetables such as greens, celery and mushrooms to relieve constipation, gas and bloating.

Also, make sure that you are eating enough healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats to lubricate your bowels. Drink plenty of fluids to aid digestion and keep your bowel contents soft and moist. Take dahi to revitalize the intestinal fauna that aids digestion.


Exercise moves the muscles around the intestines and relieves tension, both of which can help relieve constipation

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