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There is no better feeling than a fulfilling training session. Though this may not sound convincing to all yet at least an athlete or a fitness fanatic would readily agree to this. If you are reading this, chances are you are already into fitness or most probably have a strong likelihood of getting into it. No doubt, being fit in the long run calls for a coherent and adaptable game plan. In either case keeping up with the game would require incorporating regular strategic changes. Check out the following list of tips and get yourself equipped with the rudimentary understandings.

Track your progress

Everybody who goes to the gym and keeps a check on his diet needs to track his/her progress. We unknowingly

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do this by taking selfies or portraits in the mirror but if you really want to take this forward you need to do this the professional way. How do we do it then? That is to say, keep a track of your strength in the gym, get the calipers and measure your body fatness, keep an eye on your eating pattern and things like that. Another benefit of tracking your progress could be that you won’t be procrastinating things anymore eventually heading towards a better planning and effective goal-setting.

The Cardio Alarm

What’s all the kidology about cardio around? Some of the scuttlebutts out there even have the potential to embarrass the finest of the gossip makers. Who says men will turn into women if they step on the treadmill? Jokes apart, cardiovascular activities as the name suggests, intend to improve the health of the cardiovascular system and most importantly the heart and its functions. It does not make you lose your hard earned muscles until and unless you decide to live your life on the treadmill. Not to mention, even if you overdo resistance training you will not grow your muscles whatsoever. A perfect or say, a near perfect fitness routine would include both resistance training and cardiovascular activities in good proportion.

Abdominal strength

When I say abdominal or core strength it certainly doesn’t require a hundred of crunches or a couple hundred of leg raises. This section of the list should lay emphasis on the several compound movements engaged in strength training curriculum. Deadlifts and variations, squats and variations, all the press movements and similar exercises would not only forge an all-round muscular hypertrophy but also aid develop core stabilization. Again by core stabilization I mean strength in the abdominal section of the body that is a prerequisite to performing strenuous exercises in the gym.

Food is the fuel

Eat to fuel your body not to feed your emotions. As long as you eat to satisfy your taste, you probably won’t find your goal nearing. It’s important to realize that the taste of the food we eat only instigates appetite that then serves as a sense for procurement of energy through the food. You cannot just eat anything, train hard in the gym and expect to see nonstop results. If you have already been training since long without any significant progress, the most probable reason for consistent failure could be an improper eating habit.

Measure your food

Beginners seldom measure it before they put the food into their mouth. This may not inhibit results for quite some time provided the caloric game is being played well but in the long run the results may succumb to triviality. When hit by a plateau, you could simply start measuring the food you eat and you’d in no time figure out how to jump through it. If your goal is to look like a professional, you can’t alone do with the knowledge of what to eat. How much of what to eat could be the other aspect you would want to lay emphasis on.

Never let things get stagnant in your routine. Reorientation and amendments need to be a part of the plan to ensure that the good continuously gets better and much better by time. Don’t just start making changes randomly. Do some research. Nevertheless there could be many other factors that influence fitness even when all is already said and done. Don’t binge into anything without proper exploration and analysis of facts.

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