How to set up a gym in India

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Setting up a gym sounds like an expensive proposition in India. But is it really that expensive what people make it to be. Having an own profitable gym is everyone’s dream at least for people who are either competitive bodybuilders or passionate fitness enthusiasts.

So how much does it actually cost and what should be the ideal space you would need to run a decent gym in India.

Let’s know from the industry expert and the CEO of Fitline, Mr. Puneet Nindra.

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Puneet Nindra, CEO, FItline

How much area do we need for an ideal gym

There is no such thing as an ideal area, it all depends on your budget and the space constrains you have. But practically speaking you would only need about two thousand to three thousand square feet of area.

What is the equipment cost

Fitline in India is known for its cost effective range of equipments. So if you are tight on budget, the equipment cost would not exceed more than fifteen to twenty lacs. Also remember this is only a one time cost and the wear and tear cost of such equipments is also very minimal. Also if you want to set up a high-end gym then there is no end to money, which may run into crores.

 What all equipment’s would come under this cost.

The equipment’s would include but limited to treadmills, spinning bikes, single stations and the fully loaded strength area. This is more than sufficient to run a successful gym in India.

 So what is the basic gym set up cost

The cost would not no exceed more than twenty to thirty lacs including interiors and flooring. But also the dynamics would be different if you are buying a franchise model, which is also successful.

How does the franchising model works

The franchising model works exactly like McDonalds. You would first have to figure out which brand franchise

you want to partner with. I think in india the most cost effective gym franchise is “The Gym” which has over one hundred and seventy successful operational gyms across India.

There is a one-time sign up amount, which needs to be paid to the brand owner which is also very nominal. And then there is an annual fee to retain the brand.

The franchise model works well for people considering you would not have to spend too much on promoting the brand since it is already established. Plus this model also allows you to pick up best practices from the fleet of successful operational gyms.

What about people who want a home gym, what is the price range

The home gym can be set up starting under Rupees forty five thousand to four lacs. Purely depending on the kind of equipment’s you opt for and the space you have.

You have set up more than one thousand gyms in India, what do you think are the career prospects in the Indian fitness industry

The fitness industry in India is growing at a very fast pace. There is more demand of good trainers but not adequate supply of trainers let alone good trainers. An average trainer in India is easily making Rupees eighteen thousand per month and a good trainer s raking in more than one lacs a month. Remember this is a recession proof industry, we need serious people to enter this market and sky is the limit.

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