How to Identify a Good Trainer

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In an immensely populated nation that we hail from, finding a fitness trainer is not that difficult, what’s inconvenient is finding a guide, a companion. We often hear people complaining of being cheated in the name of fitness. They don’t only get robbed of their hard earned money but in some cases lose health to synthetic fitness. Whether or not you’ve had a run into such situations, you could easily relate to the feeling of dismay when in aspiration of finding fitness one encounters bodily disorders and disabilities. Through this post let us identify the

issue and proceed with suggesting ourselves some counter measures.

The very first thing to consider could be whether or not you need a trainer. You may do well without a trainer if you’ve done your homework pretty well beforehand but for a majority of fitness aspirants who don’t find themselves informed enough, you would definitely need some guidance at least to get started in the first place. Here comes the problem. You need to make sure you are not inviting trouble when looking for help around. How do you find a genuine person?

Bluntly, it’s nothing complicated but at the same time it’s not going to be easy-peasy as well. What I mean to say is that the process isn’t totally idiot-proof. If you aren’t vigilant, you may get beguiled into hiring someone not competent enough. You may consider the following suggestions when looking for a decent trainer out there.

Man of Science

I won’t talk about the importance of certifications and all. A certified trainer is no doubt a quality hire but at the same time certifications alone don’t offer credibility. Anyone who knows the science behind the scene should be regarded more capable in comparison to someone who won’t help you with your know-hows and know-whys. This could be figured out by the way the person talks and tries to explain stuff. Skilled trainers won’t only provide you a blueprint of your workout-plan but will also ensure you understand why and how the plan should work for you. Above all, if they ask you to do crunches to let go the abdominal fat, you surely don’t need another indication to quit training with them.

Modest but Confident

Those who keep bragging about themselves tend to unattractively reveal their insecurity. There’s a significant difference between being confident and blowing one’s own trumpet. You definitely don’t want a person like that to train you. Why? Because sooner or later you’d find yourself in a situation where instead of getting logical clarification you’d be expected to follow directions blindly. Bear in mind, given the correct guidance getting fit is in your hands and a modest guide would probably use this as a reminder to motivate you.

No Unrealistic promises

You join a gym, ask for a crash weight loss program and the trainer agrees to get the job done within a month or so. Take my advice, pull your feet back. It’s time you walk into reality. I am not sure how many of you already know this but only if it were so easy, not a single person would be found overweight. We have seen several advisors claiming guaranteed fat loss within days and you know what, without hitting the gym. Some of them would even cross the limit to promote things like caffeine infused underwear, double shot pills and what not. Yes that’s funny but true.

Not an Ego Lifter

It’s not about how much you lift but how you lift. Give me someone who goes to the gym and doesn’t know his bench, deadlift or squat One Rep Max. The culture of lifting heavy and not only heavy but gruelingly heavy isn’t new at all. Heavy weight lifters aren’t to be blamed for anything but for the viewership it definitely does the job of building up an ego-lifting foundation. If your trainer bullies you for lifting light especially when you are a beginner, he’s demeaning the profession. Unless and until your form is correct it doesn’t really matter how much you lift. A well versed instructor would always emphasize on a proper warm-up and cool-down routine.

Isn’t a supplement seller

Most importantly you don’t want to hire someone who would try selling you stuff. Not to be taken lightly, it has become a common practice today. At the end of the day why would you buy something from somewhere random when there already exist several legitimate online vendors? That doesn’t mean everyone out there double-deals but do you really want to gamble on your health? Get it straight, a trainer shall only be guiding you through your work-out.

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