How this one product changed my life

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New year is now around the corner! And I am sure all of you have your New Year resolutions like you did last year, only to be broken. But this year like every year is different because you are more determined and more unfit to achieve your fitness goal. It has now become a yearly practice for us to pen down all our goals at the end of the year and surprisingly fitness is always at the bottom of the list.

Career and financial goals usually take most of the shelf space in our yearly goal sheet leaving very limited area for any of fitness goals. Why am I talking about new year when I should be sharing details of the magical product which I mentioned in the title. Only because I want to link this product to your fitness goal and make this an active part of your new year must have.

So what is that product

This product is called ZMA, which stands for Zinc, Magnesium, and Aspartate. Now I am about to share my personal experience on this product, which most of you would find useful, well hopefully.


I was one of those guys who would tren oops train hard and try to eat clen damn, clean as much as I could. But still would often question myself on the compromised results in the gym, which really demotivated me. I didn’t really know what was going wrong. But then I found out the fix. I was doing all the right things but not paying attention to my sleep, which is where the recovery happens.

You can do everything right but if you don’t sleep enough you would never come even remotely close to your dream body. Because during sleep your body recovers from the day’s onslaught and helps you pack on new muscle mass.

I figured out the problem but could not sleep

Sleep is not our slave, it is actually the other way round! I tried so hard to sleep thinking I would sleep for eight hours but unfortunately I could never manage that. This is where I found ZMA useful, it not only made me go off to sleep but also helped me sleep better. Now don’t think it is a sleeping pill, but it is rather an aid which helps you with your sleeping disorder.

You can talk to me and let me help you make your custom fitness plan

Custom fitness plan by Tarun


With ZMA I was also training harder, not because it gave me any energy but it helped me recover from my last work out. We in India always undervalue such products, but on the contrary such products can have such a drastic effect on our overall health and fitness goals.

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