How much protein to take after training

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How much protein do we need to pack on muscles. There is another critical question which comes from here. How much protein do we actually need after training? There have been so many studies around this subject, that it has got us more confused than ever before. Some people say that we should take more protein after our training, while the other contradict, stating more protein is absolutely not required.

So here is my take on it after working with many people with different body types.


If you are a beginner, or new to whey protein, you should start with only once scoop of whey protein, which will give you approximately 20-24 grams of protein serving, depending on which brand you take. You can try out Tarun Gill fitness protein too, not trying to sell but making things convenient for you. I would recommend, cookies and cream  it tastes delicious. Remember too much of it can upset your stomach, leading to indigestion and diarrhoea.


If you have been training for over a year with consistency, with limited results, you can choose to increase the quantity of whey protein immediately after your training. My suggestion is don’t follow any bodybuilding programs, because they can go really overboard considering their size and muscle mass. Start with one and a half scoop which will get you 30- 35 grams of protein serving. Remember if you feel any indigestion, reduce the quantity of protein powder.


If you have been training for over three years and feel your body is not responding, then you can take two heaping scoops of whey protein powder. These two scoops will give you close to 46-48 grams of pure whey protein. If you are sensitive or feel bloated, you can try out isolate protein, which is very easy on the stomach but may be heavy on the pocket. So you decide.

Even though whey protein is not necessary to grow but with the lifestyle we have it is becoming a necessity.

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