Healthy protein sources for vegetarians

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Staying healthy and lean as a vegetarian can be a daunting task. Given the food options available, we typically have a harder battle to keep ourselves fit.

I turned vegetarian a few years back, and ever since i have been struggling with food options especially for my protein sources. As a non-vegetarian i could meet my daily protein needs through chicken, fish, or tuna in some meal or the other, but vegetarians have very limited options, especially protein.

Not that i am complaining, i love being a vegan! I remember the time when i would eat, 300 grams of chicken in a meal backed by some salmon in the next. I did that for a few years, but strangely every time i ate meat, i felt uncomfortable. Something which started to bother me and then one day, i just gave up meat.

I never thought i could live without chicken especially when you are exercising and protein forms a major part of your diet. I felt my body liked the meat but my heart didn’t allow me to.

So then one day i gave up non-veg. It was hard and tough and believe me i had those withdrawal symptoms(which i still do) craving for butter chicken and grilled fish. But thats what self discipline is all about, when you give up on something just stick to it. I am not implying that anyone one of you should turn vegan, its my perspective.

If turning vegan was tough, finding vegan protein options is even more challenging. But luckily it took me few months to arrive at a winning vegetarian protein sources, which i add in my meals.


This is a must for every vegetarian. Whey protein is a milk protein, helps to meet our daily protein requirement. I usually supplement whey proteins especially after my work outs and before going to bed. one scoop of protein typically has 25 grams of proteins which i eater found in 500 grams of chicken.


This is my on the go snack! Just regular yogurt (dahi) with some fruits such as blackberries, or strawberries can give yo a wonderful taste and adequate supply of proteins, apron 8 grams per serving.


Peas i also find very useful protein source. One cup can actually gives us close to 10 grams of proteins, which is equivalent to 3 pieces of chicken. Plus it is very light and does not bloat you.


I am a huge lover of beans. They are again light and comes in white and black, both are equally good. You can make a vegetable _sabzi_ or just add in your sauted vegetables salad. This one is perfect.


Chana is what i would call. Did upset my stomach initially but once my body got used to this food item, i absolutely have had no problems with chickpeas. I usually cook it along with some rice to for lunch, which is very filling.

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