Glorifying India On A Wheelchair

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“Nothing is impossible in this world, it itself says I’m possible” and this is exactly what our India’s first and only wheelchair bodybuilder, Anand Arnold believes in. In a world where even fully- abled person struggle to realise their potential, for those who think disability shut every opportunity, this young man has glorified India by bagging Gold at Mr. World 2016. In spite of getting paralyzed from waist down, Anand Arnold made a decision to hit the gym. And he not only became a fitness freak but also made bodybuilding his profession.

In a candid interview with Tarun Gill, he told that he was strucked by cancer on lower spam at the age of 15. He stayed bedridden for 3 years. He had a bed sour in his right hip due to which he was 8 months on bed again, conditions became worst and he was dead till chest. We bring to you the candid conversation between Ludhiana’s 28 year Anand Arnold.

What motivated you?

I had my physiotherapy, after which I could only eat food myself. My mom and sister fed me with spoon like a six-month baby. Faith in God, family’s support and specially my friend ‘Ashish’s ‘ motivation and courage strengthened me to fight with my liability.

How did you get into bodybuilding?

I belong to a sports family. My father was a national football player, uncle was the captain of Indian Hockey Team and won Gold in Olympics, brother was Mr. Punjab in 90(s) and a body builder too. And now I am making India proud.

Why bodybuilding only?

My elder brother was a body builder too. So, following him I started / gained my passion for bodybuilding. Mujhe nhi pta tha mein itna bada bodybuilder kabhi ban sakta hu , mene bas ye socha tha mera 14 ya 15 inch ka bicep hojae mere lie itna hi bht hai (laughs).

Who helped you a lot?

My brother who trained me for 1 year and Mr. Ravi who always encouraged me guided me to chase my dreams.

So what all exercises you do?

I primarily do “Bench press”. That I do by tying myself with belt on bench! And I love shoulder exercise too.

And’s what is next?

I am further planning to visit America Championship i.e. Arnold Classic where India’s first wheelchair Mr. World will give his presence.

From where do you get this much motivation and strengthening?

All the motivation and strength I get is all because of my faith in God. “Gym ke baad church jata hu”.

What all supplements you prefer?

Some essential vitamins, whey protein and BCAA. However, I was not consuming any kind of supplement earlier, because Maine competition chord dia tha kyuki companies nahi thi, sponsors nahi the. But recently kuch companies mili jinhone bola competition kro! I said OK!”.

Nowadays a lot of people depend on steroids to make huge bodies, any message for them?

“Steroids lete hein extra hormones ke lie, ab jb hum rote hein tb ankho se aansu niklte hein, because hormones kaam krte hein! Hste hein to blush krte h, tb hormones kaam krte hein ! Jab insaan yha se sochleta h (pointing towards head) ki vo steroids pe depend h, to vo steroids pe hi depend h! Agr Koi yha se sochle (points towards head) nhi natural bhi bn skta h, to natural bhi bn skta h! “

Everything about our Indian Arnold is worth admiring. When most of the people give up, Anand decided to pull it.

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