Four exercises to grow your bicep

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People have different opinion on how to train muscles and essentially the arms. Despite the fact that there exist dissimilarities in approach, one thing is apparently common, everyone wants a bigger bicep. Obviously, to have your arms grow like anything, you would require to train them properly. The word ‘properly’ should not be confused with ‘excessive’ training though.

The connection between weight training and muscle growth is thoroughly transparent. If you have already been into resistance training, you would have tried a multitudinous array of exercises around your biceps. The fact that you need to keep switching exercises within your workout routine is an unconcealed truth. It is important that exercises be changed over duration of few months to keep the growth uninterrupted. Next time when you are looking around to find a new set of exercises to target your biceps, take into consideration the following:TG Athlete

  1. Standing Barbell Curls

This is perhaps the most basic bicep exercise. You can never go wrong with this if you are using the right amount

of weight. The benefit of standing barbell curls lies in the fact that it can be performed with variations. Hold the barbell with a closer grip and you target the outer part of your biceps. Maintain a wider grip to target the inner part of your biceps. However, precautions while performing this exercise would be

  • Maintaining a neutral spine throughout your reps
  • Ensuring a full range of motion
  • Focusing on the negative motion and slowing down when you bring the barbell down
  1. Incline Dumbbell Curls

This version of bicep curls is a little more evolved and effective. It should be performed on a seated bench with the back rest at a 45 degrees angle. Keep your arms hanging by your side and curl the dumbbells alternately. You do not want to move anything other than your forearms and wrist when curling up. Make sure you do not use momentum to bring the dumbbells up.

  1. Scott Curls

You cannot afford to be unsure of where this name comes from, particularly if you are into bodybuilding. This exercise takes its name from the legendary Larry Scott, the very first Mr. Olympia. Scott curls are nothing but Preacher curls. This name is very often used due to its association with Larry Scott. Just put your elbow down on a preacher bench or any inclined bench and rest your shoulders on the edge. Curl the weight slowly and exhale. When you bring the weight down make sure you do it in a slow and controlled manner. This exercise targets your bicep peak as no other exercise does.

  1. Overhead Pulley Barbell Curls

There are innumerable muscle fibers in your biceps, a lot of which are left untargeted. You should certainly try out this exercise because this hits your arms from a completely different angle. You may have never experienced this before. Hook the pulley on a higher attachment, sit on a bench and hold the rod attached to the pulley. Keeping your arms straight and tight till your elbow, curl down behind your head. Squeeze your biceps when curling in and slowly release not spoiling the negative part of the motion.

Hopefully, when you implement these four exercises in your arm regime, you will get to observe some bicep upgrade provided you perform the exercises with the correct form and posture.



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