Dont waste your time in the gym

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I have no qualms to acknowledge that almost everyone across the globe has an opinion on everything especially fitness. Lets face it, fitness is an interesting subject and everyone likes to be informed about it. But the irony to that is we only have an opinion on fitness, but when it comes to our own fitness levels, we tend to implement absolutely nothing.


We could be unfit and fat but never shy away from making a remark or a comment on someone else’s body and structure. If you go to any of the gyms, sure you only go twice a year (one to enrol at the start of the year and two to renew at the end of the year). None the less, you would see that people only are giving advises to each other on what all exercises to perform and some even recommend diet plans.


So gym is technically a social ground to exchange fitness anecdotes. Fair enough, i would buy that! But in that banter these people just forget that why the hell they came to the gym in the first place viz to exercise. They do everything but exercise. And then after couple of months they are the ones who complain that they are not getting any results, will like to either change the gym or the trainer.


My point is that its good to have an opinion on fitness, but before giving or sharing any fitness inputs, please don’t ignore your own fitness levels. Whats the point of going to any gym if you only want to socialise! You may choose to socialise after your work out session.

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