Don’t take fitness tips from everyone

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How does it feel to see someone after three months, who has completely physically transformed into a lean, mean and active person! It is motivating to see when people go through physical transformation.

I Remember When I Went Through That Transformation Losing 25 Kilos In One Year. People Were Shocked To See Me In My New Fit Avatar, Some Were Extremely Happy And Some Got Extremely Jealous. Some Even Accuse Me Of Steroid Use. Obviously It Is The Easiest Thing To Do. But Let’s Not Take Anything Away From People Who Have Put In Their Blood And Sweat In Getting Their Dream Bodies. This Is Exactly What I Would Like To Share With you.

Here is what you should do every time you bump into transformed individuals.


Someone has put in so much sweat into transforming, so the least we can do is to acknowledge that person. And compliment for his/her efforts for doing so. Don’t try to judge someone by what medications, supplements he or she took to get fit. Remember we all have access to supplements, if it was that easy anyone could take three-four scoops of protein shake and get a desired body. But it is not that easy.


People who have transformed themselves are oozing with positive energy. Try to draw that energy from them to get motivated. They are high in confidence and self-esteem, which is very contagious; take as much you can from them.


Jealousy comes naturally to all of us. But try to keep it to yourself, and use it to your advantage. Benchmark this person, and start working hard on your fitness. This jealously will only do good to you rather than you questioning this person means to get fit.


It’s a proven fact that people don’t share what has worked on them. Its like a mentor will never tell his student, all the moves in the book, he would want to keep one to himself, to have that extra edge.

Similarly don’t try to ask these people about supplementation, or diet, chances are they will not tell you the right thing. Stay healthy

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