Don’t rely on weight loss products

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We Indians love shortcuts in life.

  • A short cut to make quick money
  • Finding a girl friend/wife/husband
  • Finding a job

This obsession for shortcut takes an extreme form in fitness, when we start spending thousands on weight loss products and surgeries with little or no luck.

To make things worse for us we are exposed to different supplement companies who claim to have found a magic drug. And we fall for such products and spend oodles of our hard earned cash on such weight loss supplements and products.

It doesn’t end with just money, we also waste a lot of our time in waiting for the product to kick in and give us results. But that seldom happens.

Easy come easy go!

The thing about short cuts is that it is for short period of time! Weather you go for a laser surgery or any weight loss product; it will only be short lived. It will all boil down to the effort you put in. There is no short cut to effort.

There Is No Such Thing As Miracle Drug Or Supplement. If It Still Exist, Its Either Temporary, Short-Lived, Illegal Or Dangerous. Supplements Will Only Work If You Put In Your Hard Work Into Your Fitness Routine, Relying Solely On The Supplement To Kick In Without Moving The Butt; You Are Only Inviting Unhealthy Side Effects.

I am not saying don’t take supplements, only asking you not to rely on supplements.

Relying on supplements

We usually start taking dietary supplements, with a hope to transform our body for good. But that doesn’t happen because we are solely dependent on the supplement to do the trick. With supplementation we feel we can get away with anything we indulge into. Unhealthy diet and almost no exercise are a few examples.

And when we don’t see results, we feel being cheated, questioning the potency of the product. But what we should ideally be questioning is ourselves.

But we Indians love excuses and rationalisation.

Whenever You Decide To Take On Any Dietary Food Supplements, Ensure You Eat Clean And Exercise Regularly, If You Want To Make The Most Of The Product You Are Consuming. Food Supplements Will Only Give You The Edge To Help You Last Longer In The Gym. Results Are The Byproduct Of Your Efforts.

Magic lies in your effort not in the product

Always remember, the key to weight loss lies in your relentless, dedicated pursuit to achieve the fitness goal, not in the product. That is why same products work differently on different people.

So don’t look for short cuts, look for motivation from within, which will get you the results, not the product.

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