Don’t follow any celebrity training programs

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People often ask me to create their standard weight loss plan. But the truth is, there can never be a vanilla weight loss plan for everyone. Just like your clothes size will be different than others, your body strength levels will be different than others, similarly your training and diet plan will be different than others.

We all know that, don’t we! But we still dont learn anything from it, do we! For example we love to follow a vanilla celebrity training program. Celebrities claiming a newly discovered miracle training plan that changed their body, flashed all over news and fitness magazines.

We in our desperate attempt hope that this plans may just be the one for us (but deep down we know its not). If it can change a celebrity, it may also work on us and transform our body. But that never happens. The reasons are obvious


Fitness industry’s backbone is hope. Hope that a product or a training program will change their lives. Everything is sold from service to products on hope. And hope can be artificially triggered with the help of extensive marketing campaigns. Products displayed everywhere from tvs, malls, magazines and online. More presence means more credibility.


I am yet to come across a person who tells me that i followed an “X” program and got great results. Whatever you hear from celebrities from products to programs are all well drafted tailored lies. These programs don’t work but only make a good read.


Most of the products and training programs actors or celebrities endorse are usually marketing attempts by their pr firm to get them the visibility they are looking for. These training programs are usually the well made videos craving for your eyeballs. Remember Bipasha Basu, Shilpa Shetty for their functional and yoga dvds.

My recommendation is to read training programs, they do make a good read, but don’t follow them blindly!

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