Can you get rid of lower ab fat

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Now this is the question that has been haunting me for years. And I am sure, it may be giving you sleepless nights too. “How to get rid of lower abdominals fat”

We read about it everywhere! Watch videos on YouTube. But still grapple with the right answer or rather solution. Internet will only tell you what you want to know. But not me! If you have been following me, I am all about the truth, bitter truth.

So lets get right to it.

No diet will lead to ab fat

You think you can do thousand of sit-ups or leg raises and your abs will start showing. Stop fooling yourself. The layer of fat won’t just melt by you performing such ab exercises. Here is what you should do right away! Stop doing abs. And go to your kitchen and junk (throw) the junk food. How many times you need to be told that abs are made in the kitchen not in the gym.

High stress will lead to ab fat

This is tried and tested. There was this time in my life where I did everything right. Ate clean, exercised five times a week and read up a lot on the internet, like most of us do. But still my lower fat didn’t seem to budge. And then I realized it was due to my stressful job, which made my stress hormone, cortisol more active leading to accumulation of fat gain and almost impossible to lose ab fat. My recommendation is no stress please, at least try.

If you can control your stress levels, you body fat levels will be controlled automatically

Too much cardio wont help 

This is again i have discovered after running for hours that too much cardio can actually make your skin lose. Even though you may lose weight but you wont be able to get rid of stomach fat especially on your abs. I am not saying stop doing cardio but choose cycling or a cross trainer instead.

Weight training

I cant stress enough on the benefits of weight training. We Indians feel that weight training is for bodybuilders and not for regular people who want to stay fit with minimal body fat. Weight training you would be surprised is more effective than cardio when it comes to lowering body fat. This is again has been my experience after working with many people both men and women.

These are basic thumb rules, don’t expect miracles, you may probably know most of it but have a tough time implementing it, but thats where the game or rather results lie.

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