Broto, the real-life hero

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Anyone can give up; it is the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone would expect you to fall apart, now that is true strength. And that’s exactly what Soumen Halder, did. Even after losing his legs due to polio at a very young age, Soumen stood strong and overcame all the challenges on his own.

Popular as Broto is a Kolkata resident. When he was just 11 months old, he was diagnosed with Polio. And for his treatment, his parents sold all of their property. But his condition became worst. His lower portion was separated. His parents spent all of their savings on his treatment. And as every parent would do, they worked hard and made him study till 10th standard. However, after 2 years his father passed away due to some severe illness. We bring to you our conversation with the inspiring Broto, where he tells us about his life, all his struggles and how did he achieve this body:

After the death of your father, things would have become more difficult for you, how did you manage?

After my father’s death, my mother supported me a lot. She made me study and I cleared my 12th standard. When I was in 1st year of graduation, my mother was diagnosed with diabetes, her health became worst. She lost her leg due to this. I dropped my studies. Unfortunately, due to lack of treatment, I lost my mother too!

It must be a very difficult time for you, how did you recover from this?

One day a bodybuilder noticed me. He owns a gym in Kolkata. He offered me to workout in his gym ‘lekin, apne fayde ke liye’. In return he asked me to clean his gym and repair his machines. And the idea stiked me.

But why did you choose bodybuilding only?

After I started working out, I fell in love with my body and the bodybuilding sport. Now it has become my passion as well as profession. And I think, bodybuilder is the only personality who can be recognized as a body builder. “Agar hum ek cricketer or footballer ko sath me khda krde to Koi nhi Keh skta ko kon cricketer h or kon footballer lekin ek bodybuilder ko sab pehchan skte hein ki ye ek bodybuilder hai”!

But what about your diet?

The place where I live has a wine and beer shop nearby, ‘raat ko jab sab bottle Khali krke side me rakh jata tha, mein subha wha se bottle collect krke aage beech deta tha, us paise se mein anda khreeda krta tha apni diet ke liye’!

Are you still working with that gym?

My life has took a drastic change after meeting Tarun Sir and Nidhi Ma’am . I have no worries now whether it is about my supplements or my whole future. They have recently admitted into another gym and they are providing me supplements regularly free of cost. They earlier invited me in their TG connect program where he distributed my contact number. This gave me a big exposure. ‘Mera maa baba nhi h ab pr abse vhi dono mere maa or baba hai, mera guardian or sab kuch h. Mujhe Thakur Anoop Singh ne ek camera wala phone bhi gift kara tha, mai bahot thank u bolta hu unhe.’

And what about your achievements?

Last year, I participated in Haryana Competition on 18th Dec where I stood 3rd. and this year, I went for Junior National at Indore too, held on 18th-19th Feb. But there I was not selected in Top 5.

Is there any incident when people make you feel bodybuilding is not meant for you?

It happens to me everyday ma’am. When I go to gym for work out, my other companions say, ‘ Ab ye dumbbells Mjhe Dede , tu kya krega ye sab krke, ye sab tere lie nhi bna h ‘ ! Every day it happens to me.

Any other hobbies or interests other than bodybuilding?

I love swimming , I can do that also. Other than this, I love helping poor and needy, ‘ Mere yha pe jisko bhi dekhta hu ki isko kisi chiz ki zrurt h , to mein unke lie Chanda ikkatha krta hu or fir unko vo sb lake deta hu’!

You stay alone, how you manage your work?

I live alone. I don’t have any companion, helper or maid . Water tap is almost 10 minutes away from my home, I go there daily, ‘mein vha se baalti bhrke lata hu, kitchen ka sara kaam khud krta hu, or ghar ki sfai bhi khud krta hu’!

Truly, you are an inspiration sir! Do you want to give any message to the aspiring bodybuilders?

‘Ap jab bhi sote ho, tb apni aankhe bnd krte ho or kuch bhi sune bina apna sona continue krte ho! Usi tarah life me jitni bhi difficulties kyu na aaye apni aankhe band karke sabki baatein ansuni karke, apna kaam karte raho’!





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