Breakfast Confusion – Eggs Or Cereals

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This is a classic question that we have all been struggling to deal with- what to have for breakfast.The American easy too cook and ready to eat cereals or desi Indian style omelet with little chatni or rather ketchup on the side. There is no specific answer to this question but I would try to answer this by taking research and studies conducted across the globe on this topic (yes there have been, which shows you are not the only confused one here)

  • Our body has gone through a fast of 6-8 hours while we were sleeping
  • Upon waking up we are craving and should have a heavy meal loaded with carbs and proteins.
  • And we provide our body with a small serving of cereals which may not be enough
  • We get hungry in minutes and end up overeating.


Cereals believe it or not contains lot of sugar, this includes any cereal brand from Kellogs to Mohun. But the problem we Indians face is that cereals don’t make us feel full and we are hungry yet again in few minutes. Here is why


Now with eggs, a good two egg omelet with a slice of bread will make you feel full for hours, avoiding any day time indulgence. Eggs are all protein, and its a known fact a high protein diet has an invariable effect on weight loss.

Cereals Or Eggs

The American heart association and including Indian one, recommends only 20 grams of sugar per day for women and 36 grams for women. But one serving of cereals will give you close to 30-50 grams, thus limiting your weight loss effort.Where as an omelette only has 2 grams of sugar in it. So needless to say whats better

The same study found that those who ate the egg-based breakfast led to feelings of fullness along and also controlling their cravings through out the day.

So i would choose egg breakfast over cereals, rest you decide.

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