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False knowledge is far more dangerous than ignorance and this goes perfectly well with food supplements specially Whey Protein. It’s quite unfortunate and pitiful that rumors related to protein powders and other food supplements have spread like wildfire and the facts still need evidence to travel a single step. There is already a plenty of misinformation around. Some of them would even regard protein powders as drugs and what not. Instead of scouting around for more gossips and deceptions, we shall analyze the facts and try to uncover the story pragmatically.

What is whey protein made up of?

This question alone, if answered has the potential to wipe out the most deluding gossips that claim protein powders being a kind of drug. The people who open out telling whey protein is life threatening, have surprisingly not yet googled “What is Whey Protein”. Had they ever tried, they would have known that whey protein is nothing but the liquid remainder, left out after curdling milk and straining the cheese. It is simply a byproduct liquid left after the process of cheese making. The liquid whey is hence obtained is dried up into powder using various industrial techniques yielding different concentrations of protein. The manufacturers add food flavors and sweeteners to enhance the taste before selling them in the market. One can find countless scholarly articles describing in detail, the procedure of cheese and whey protein extraction from milk.

Uses of Whey Protein:

Whey protein has already been isolated from other protein sources simply because bodybuilders and athletes use whey protein to build big muscles. Whey protein doesn’t build big muscles. It is just one of the many sources of protein available to us and like any other food that is high in dietary protein, whey proteins add to the daily protein intake of individuals. It helps you meet the protein RDA and most importantly you do not need it if you can very well attain enough protein from whole food. If we start counting the benefits of whey protein or any other source of protein for that matter, we may end up counting benefits of each and every amino acid building up the chain.

Following are a few important and distinguished advantages of Whey Protein

  • Sports Nutrition

Milk contains both slow and fast digesting proteins. When curdled and strained, both the proteins get separated.
Whey protein is known to have the fastest rate of absorption amongst all the known sources of dietary protein and for no other reason athletes and bodybuilders would use whey protein just after their workout. Whey protein provides amino acids to the muscle tissues damaged during an intense workout and facilitate repair and recovery in the fastest possible time. Owing to this fact, requirement of whey protein has become customary in sports nutrition today.

  • High Biological Value

Whey protein offers an exceptionally high biological value of about 95. In case you are uninformed, biological value measures the quality of a protein source by calculating the percentage of protein that actually gets utilized after consumption. Whey protein powders are manufactured to serve high protein requirements of individuals. On an average every 30 grams of a Whey protein powder boasts 23-24 grams of high quality protein.

  • Lean muscle growth

Whey protein is established to have high proportions of BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids). It’s important to know that not all amino acids that are a part of the protein chain, promote anabolism. Valine, Isoleucine and Leucine in particular are responsible for the anabolic or muscle building nature of proteins. Whey protein is found to have an ideal fraction of the three branched chain amino acids.

  • TG Athlete
    TG Athlete

    Weight loss (Satiety)

Owing to the caloric contribution and bioavailability of whey protein, it is often recommended to people who have serious weight loss goals. It serves as a replacement to unhealthy food items and keeps you satiated and

nourished over time.

  • Suitable for Lacto Vegetarians

Since whey protein is completely extracted out of milk, it does not have any non-vegetarian element and is completely suitable for people who are lacto-vegetarians. That said, it would still be advisable to check the ingredient list on the container before purchasing the product as ingredient lists may vary depending upon what ingredients have been additionally put into it by the manufacturer.

  • Ease of use

At last it is also the ease of use that matters. Needless to mention, it is quite challenging to keep nutrition intact down a hectic schedule. Arranging nutrient rich meals is something that takes a lot of time and may not be practically workable on a daily basis unless you have some supplement that does the work flawlessly. Thankfully, a whey protein shake takes no time to prepare and is quite handy to carry along. Perhaps this is another good reason why it is preferred more nowadays.

There are a lot more advantages of using whey protein supplements. However, it is not always obligatory to use whey proteins. An optimal protein intake gathered from any healthy source should suffice. It should also be understood that whey protein is not an unnatural source of protein and is equally efficient, if not more than any other source of dietary protein.



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