5 Ways To Get Rid Of Body Fat

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We all are anyhow obsessed with food nowadays.We just consume a very large amount of chips with extra  salt and sp

Get Rid Of Body Fat

ices and after that desperately guzzle green tea in an effort to balance it . For many of us who don’t count calories and prepare their meals for an entire week, losing fat and getting ripped or toned seems to be a constant battle of good days versus bad days. Often this ends up with very little progress and what feels like wasted effort. But there is hope. Here are 5 easy techniques anyone can follow to help them lose weight, cut body fat and keep it off.

1. Carb Cycling

This is a method that is often used by expert coaches and bodybuilders; carb cycling is a short term technique to help your body utilise its fuels better. It’s all about increasing and decreasing the amount of carbs that you have each day based on your work load. Carb cycling lets you to:
• Eat less calories
• Reduce water weight
• Better utilise fats as an energy source
To approach carb cycling , simply maintain a high protein intake, a moderate fat intake. While alternating your carb intakes, do it in the following manner:
• High carb on heavy training days (lower body resistance training, high intensity cardio)
• Moderate carb on moderate training days (upper body resistance training and steady state cardio)
• Low carb days (non training days and very low intensity cardio)
To make things much easier, here are few simple rules to follow:
• High Carb Days – Have carbs with every meal. Try to keep them complex and as unrefined as possible.
• Moderate Carb Days – Have half of your carbohydrate intake and focus it around your workouts.
• Low Carb Days – Vegetables (non-starchy) mainly with only one small serving of carbs.
Remember that this is a short term strategy and not something that you should maintain months .
Low carb days can make you irritable, so make sure that you get good sleep and stay hydrated throughout the day.

2. Align Your Cheat Meals

A cheat meal is eating something that is not part of your diet plan and is typically junk food like pizza, hamburgers or french fries. Cheat meals are necessary for the sound mental health of every trainer or person attempting to lose weight. While there are a group of individuals who can live without cheat meals, the majority of us display great relish just at the thought of having something that’s high in fat, sugar and calories(junk food ). Why? Because our bodies and our brains crave energy, especially when it’s not getting enough (such as with diets). If you can hold off and distract yourself, then you must know that cravings often tend to reduce intensity after a short period of time. If you can’t though, align your cheat meals closer to work out times .

Be flexible with your cheat meals or days as well and simply alter your workouts on that day. This flexibility allows you to better align your intake and making it easier for you to achieve better gains and a leaner physique over time.

3. Full Body Workouts

Most trainers often stick to the same routine of training 1 or 2 muscle groups a day. Which is fine for a certain period of time. However as with all exercise in general, the same charge won’t be able to offer the same level of benefit after an extended period of time. Full body workouts are ideal for those who want to change things around, and ultimately make better gains. While many workouts exist, the daily undulating periodisation protocol (DUP) is best and when applied to a full body setting can really help you achieve strength and increases size faster.
Full body workouts are great for losing body weight and body fat because:
• They are more metabolically taxing.
• The increased frequency of training to the different muscles will help provide a greater charge for muscle growth.
While full body workouts can be quite taxing, short term use of them can really help with improving body composition. Incorporating 4-8 weeks of full body workouts is a simple, yet effective strategy to getting you ripped in no time.

4. HIIT That Cardio

Cardio exercise is any exercise that raises your heart rate. It’s unpleasant at the best of times, but a necessary evil if you want abs and a leaner physique. High intensity interval training has time and again been considered the best form of cardio when it comes to maximising your metabolism and burn calories. High intensity cardio isn’t fun, but breaking it down into manageable sessions help to lessen the pain. Rather than doing 30 minutes of cardio, breaking it up into three 10 minute sessions is much easier.

5. Increase Your Protein Intake

The simplest strategy ! Increase your protein intake. It is a sure fire way to help you slim down. While it’s not a miracle ingredient, but according to numerous studies , higher protein intake results in weight loss. We are sharing some0 ways how increasing your protein intake can help with weight loss:
• Protein is more filling, which helps to curb hunger and reduce appetite, forcing you to eat less.
• Protein supports lean muscle mass, which is metabolically active and can raise the amount of calories expended at rest.
• Protein decreases the efficiency at which your body gains weight. This is favourable for most people as weight regain is one of the biggest issues with long term weight management.

Increasing your protein intake is easier and cheaper than ever now with a huge range of protein powders and high protein snacks options. Try to consume your protein evenly throughout the day rather than all in one hit as this may be harmful even.

So what are you waiting for, start using these techniques today! And get ultimate results!

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