5 non cardio ways to lose fat

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The conventional wisdom has forced us to think that cardio is the best way to lose weight or unwanted fat. There is no doubt that it is one of the most effective ways but it is also very boring. And something, which is as boring as running eventually takes a toll on us and we discontinue after a brief period. But does that mean you cant lose weight.

I am also one person who hates doing cardio and often discovering ways to burn the same calories or more to do something which I enjoy keeping the body fat at bay. SO what are those non-cardio exercises we can do to lose weight

Weight training

Weight training or strength training I found so useful in losing weight that it has now become my core. Not only it raises your metabolism for over forty eight hours but is also one of the best ways to tighten your skin. Make it a point to do strength training at least three days a week.

Bodyweight training

For bodyweight training you don’t need any equipment’s, all you need is either a room or a park where you can perform four-five back-to-back exercises in circuit fashion. For example free squats, push ups, burpees, mountain climber and jumping jacks with 10 repetitions each of these exercises with a total of four sets. This work out wont last for more than twenty-five minutes but will be very effective to burn fat.


I always thought yoga is for the mind but little did I know that it can do wonders to your body fat levels. Not only it can make you flexible but will also help you lose fat. Simply because, you would be more flexible and will be able to do lot more with your body. So try yoga once a week.

Cleaning up the car

We always have someone to clean our cars (especially in an Indian society). But ever since I started cleaning up my car, it made me realize that I was burning more than two hundred calories in thirty minutes (thanks to fitbit), which is equivalent to running for two to three kms on a treadmill. Ever since that day I made it a point to wash the car myself. Now I don’t really have to do any cardio.


This may sound little old school but for most of my household work, I use a bicycle. I don’t have to go to gym and cycle I just use it real time for all my grocery shopping and daily household chores.

The idea is to inculcate cardio in your daily lives, then you would not even realize or feel the need to do cardio because you would anyways be so active with a slim waist.

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