5 natural fat burning superfood

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Every year we re are getting lazier and are putting on weight. Instead of fixing our lifestyle or our diet we try out different fat burning products hoping that they may help us melt that unwanted layer of fat. But we all know that fat burners won’t work unless we train or eat clean. Also fat burners have a bad reputation due to its ability to increase the heart rate but there are many other natural alternatives for fat burners, which work just like them, at times probably more effective with almost one third the price tag.

Natural fat burners


This one is tried and tested! Fish is rich in omega 3s which besides being good for heart is also known as a skin thinner. Fitness models, bodybuilders and even actors make it a point to include into their daily diet for its weight loss properties, especially the visceral fat which is between the skin and muscle.

Apple cider vinegar

I never thought apple cider vinegar can be of any help in weight loss before i tried it. Its amazing ability to stimulate the digestion system made me lose stubborn two-three kilos in less than two weeks. Dont just drink this vinegar but have it in water before every meal and see the results.

Cinnamon (dalchini)

I always under estimated cinnamon, thinking it is just a herb or a spice which is probably best used in baking. But then one of my very good friend told me its benefits, for me to try it for three weeks which left me amazed. I am a person who likes to eat every one to two hours because of my insane food cravings. Adding cinnamon in my diet helped me regulate my blood sugar levels and keeps my blood sugar levels in check. Which means i dont over eat or have cravings. Just sprinkle it in your protein shake or your food and you are good to go.


I dont like broccoli. i mean it is so bland and at times expensive. But its health benefits makes me want to have it everyday. I call broccoli a superfood actually. Simply because it is low on calories yet it makes you full in no time. Plus it is loaded with fibre making your digestion smoother. Steam it or stir fry it in olive oil with food and see the results.

Lentils (dals)

As an Indian, we grew up on lentils (dals) and we continue to eat them in almost every meal. But if you want any health benefits of lentils just boil them and have it with red pepper. If you are a vegetarian, they can be easily replaced with meat, plus at times you can cook them as per your taste.


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