5 most effective exercises for muscle gain

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Lets face it, we all want quick results when it comes to our fitness goals. From weight loss or muscle gain, we are impatient and restless to get to our goals. In that desperate quest, we often overlook some of the best strength exercises, which, we should be doing to get closer to our desired body. What are those exercises? Here is a list of 5 exercises, which you should be doing for maximum results

Bench press

Weather you are trying to pack on muscles or lose weight, this exercise is a grand daddy of all. This is a compound exercises which works your chest, triceps, deltoids and pretty much every upper body joint.


This one is a must for both men and women! Squats will help men boost their testosterone levels resulting in new muscle mass whereas for women it will help them tone their lower body. Plus it is so intense that it burns many calories and can get very grilling, which is good news for your weight loss goals.


If you want to stay strong for the rest of your life without any back problems, then you must perform deadlifts at least once a week. This compound exercise not only strengthens your lower back but also helps boost your body testosterone levels.

Pull ups

This is one exercise, which involves lifting your own body weight. One of the most challenging exercises but if performed with perfection can do wonders for your fitness goals. This is a must for both men and women

Military Press

There is no other exercise, which is manlier than a military press. A classic shoulder press, which makes your shoulders wider and stronger!


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