5 fitness mistakes i made- drug use

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I have been training for over fifteen years. And trust me I made so many mistakes which delayed me from my fitness goal. These years taught me so many things, about discipline, supplements, drug use and the sport of bodybuilding disguised under fitness. In this post I am sharing those critical mistakes I made which I don’t want you to ever make.

Following trainers (Gurujis) blindly

There is no dearth of so-called fitness experts and trainers in India. And all these high profile trainers are charging a bomb from their clients to make quick money in the name of fitness. I fell prey to such trainers who made me try some drugs which till date I don’t know the name. And I see there are so many people like me who are also being fooled by such pseudo experts. My only request to you is not follow anyone blindly all you know they are in it for money.

Never accepting my body type

It took me over fifteen years to get comfortable with my body type. And lot of convincing, that my body type doesn’t allow me to be super lean. I am genetically big and it will always be easier for me to get bigger not leaner. Even if I get lean, sooner or later. I will get back to my previous shape. (Kareena kapoor a classic example from Tashan till date).

Changing programs too often

Every time I would see a ripped guy, I would want to follow his program and if the program doesn’t work I will change it in days. Not realising that it takes at least four to six weeks for a program to kick in


Rome wasn’t built in a day but when it comes to our body we want it in days. It took me years to realize that impatience is not a virtue but a necessity in fitness. Our desperation and impatience makes us try out desperate things, which leads to those unhealthy side effects.

Drug use

Once you have taken this route, it becomes difficult to go back to the natural routine. But what I realized in my journey, that gains made on steroids were temporary which cannot be maintained. So putting your body at risk for results which, you cant sustain, doesn’t look practical to me anymore.

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