5 creative ways to add whey proteins in your diet

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Whey proteins believe it or not, is becoming a necessity for most people. And there are reasons for it. Whey proteins can help individuals recover faster after their work out session besides being a great source of energy. Whey proteins comes in different flavors from chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. And not all brands have a tasty protein blend. And if you are stuck with a bad tasting whey protein, this drink will become a torture for you that too a very expensive one, almost Rs. 4k for a good international brand. So in this post I want to share with you some of the ways you can add whey proteins in your diet to make it tastier and yet healthy. I do this almost on a daily basis, hence thought of sharing it with you

Whey Yogurt (dahi) – anytime snack

This is the simplest ready to eat snack, which you can eat at any time of the day. All you need is 300 grams of fat free yogurt and mix one scoop of whey proteins and you have a high protein snack. Add some strawberries and this snack can give even Cocoberry a run for its smoothies and yogurts.

Egg pancake – pre work out

Don’t let the name of this snack confuse you because we Indians are not pancake eaters, but the recipe is so simple that anyone can make. Just take two egg whites and one whole egg, add 40 grams of oats and one scoop of whey. And put on a frying pan with two table spoon of olive oil. And you have a healthy pre work out snack ready to eat.

Meal replacement- on the go

If you are one of this working professionals or students who barely gets time to eat, this one is just for you. Take two table spoon of peanut butter, 30 grams of oats, and one table spoon of vanilla ice cream and a scoop or whey protein. Just blend all the items, and you have a 400 calorie meal ready loaded with proteins, carbs and fats

Nutritious breakfast

Again one of my favorites!All you need is a banana, some strawberries and some skim milk/almond milk and one scoop of whey protein. This breakfast is so healthy and nutritious that it saves your time to cook anything else.

Desert for the lazy

This is my everyday desert. Just take few ice cubes and add one sachet of splenda and one scoop of whey proteins. Blend it and it becomes a chocolate mousse. And it tastes delicious.

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