Where to buy genuine supplements from

Where to buy genuine food supplements


There is no doubt in my mind that amazon is one of the best places to order when it comes to online buy and sell. But with food supplements, even they cant do much given the sellers they have registered on their site. I have had a bad experience and so did others when they ordered food supplements from them.  I have received products with seal opened and tampered, could be the seller here but yes it has happened.

Should you order from amazon? Try it and if you see any tampering with the package, just return it. Trust me it happens even with best sellers. 

My rating – 3, some of the sellers are genuine but they are very hard to identify. 


Healthkart appeared to be promising when they came into the scene few years ago. They promised authenticity. But somehow they are losing the plot in their desperate quest to become the bodybuilding.com of India. If you notice, they are now aggressively trying to sell their own line of products by the name of Muscleblaze. And their products have mixed reviews. Some people hate it for its inferior quality and others find it ok for its price point.

My rating is 2.5 simply because they are trying to promote an inferior product seeing the losing margins in selling international products quite contradictory to their brand promise.

Snapdeal and Flipkart

I think both these portals should simply stop selling food supplements because clearly its not their core. All they are trying to do is showcase more and more categories such as food supplements in their quest to project fancy numbers to their investors to pump in more money on their platform.

But in their valuation game, the end customer is receiving a product, which is below quality standards.


This one seemed promising again when they launched their retail stores in India. For once I thought we would get good quality products, which they claimed. But at the price point at which they are offering their products is too over the top. Agreed quality comes with a price but that price should be affordable given the user here is a young boy in twenties who is always tapped on cash and has a handy option to buy the same product from a local supplement retailer for 20-30% less.

They have managed to create enough demand for their products by playing the “authenticity- be safe” marketing card. But the Indian custom duties with delayed international deliveries, has let them down leading to inconsistencies of products. That is one of the reasons why it is difficult to find Neulife products across locations.

My rating is 3.5 simply because they are trying to make an effort to sell authentic products but their distribution network and price points is working against them.


I never thought I would say this as an Indian but bodybuilding.com is apparently the safest place to buy food supplements, well 99 percent of the times. But when the product hits the Indian shores, chances of it being replaced with generic also cannot be ruled out. Trust me it has happened.

The only downside from ordering from bodybuilding .com is the delivery time which may take months at times given the rigid Indian custom duties. Not always though, sometimes the product gets delivered in days too. Also by the time the product reaches you, the cost is pretty much the same what it typically is at the local retailer.

My rating is 4, simply because these guys know what they are doing and they are the safest channel to order supplements from

Local Retailer

We have all been victims of duplicacy in the Indian food supplement industry and lets face it selling supplements is one of the most lucrative business and selling fake supplements is even more profitable. That is why most of the local supplement retailers are prospering selling the inferior and fake goods.

Here is a scenario, given an option between buying from a friend who owns a supplement store versus from someone who you don’t know, go with the latter. The known devil will do more harm than the unknown in this industry.

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