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should i start taking whey protien and how? - Tarun Gill Fitness
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null asked 4 months ago

Hey Tarun, My name is Umaong, i am 21 years old and i am from north east india. I just wanted to share my story and ask you for some suggestions. Back One year ago I used to be very thin weighing only about 46 kilos , height about 5 feet 7, and then i started going to gym and started working out, i took mass gainers which my trainer asked me to take after about 3 months. But my training was not regular, like i went to gym for 3- 4 months and then again didnt go for like 1- 2 months but i have been working out regular from last 4 months. Now my weight is fluctuating between 58- 60 kilos. So i just wanted to ask you is that a good result or not? And should i start taking whey proteins? Please give me your valuable suggestions. THANK YOU by the way Tarun I love your youtube channel. It keeps me motivated.