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Ravi Kumar asked 2 weeks ago

Hi Bro,
First of all, I want to thank you so much for sharing valuable information related to health, fitness and bodybuilding.

I am Ravi from Haryana (India) and following you on your youtube channel since long time.

Bro, I need some help from you.

I am 31 years old and working out since last 4 years. In the beginning when I was new to fitness, I took some steroids (Ana, Deca etc) for 2 months which was my worst decision. Also,  due to lack of knowledge I didn’t went through PCT. Later I felt problem in my chest (nipple) and my friend asked me to take nolvadex. It did help and I thought that I have recovered from that but now there is still something in my chest and I feel little pain when I press my nipples. Also, my nipples size has  increased a bit. 
Waiting for your reply.
Thanks again.
I want to fix this problem permanent. Also, just to tell that I took those drugs 2-3 years back. 

Waiting for your reply.

Thanks again.

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