Custom fitness plan by Tarun

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What you get
A custom diet and work out plan
30 minutes phone call with Tarun
A Free box of Tarun Gill Whey protein, 500 grams
A free box of Tarun Gill Glutamine 300 grams

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I have been a victim of so many pseudo fitness trainers and nutritionists who in their quest to make money have sold me stuff which i never really needed. I have shared in many of my videos that i always had a problem with my chest fat. But with various trial and errors, i managed to fix it by seventy percent. Not just that, i also minimized my body fat levels and now i lead a healthy and confident life.

This is exactly what brings me here to help each one of you with your fitness goals. Whatever could be your goal

  • Chest fat
  • Weight loss
  • Muscle gain
  • Contest prep
  • Training routine
  • Diet routine
  • Supplement guide
  • Performance enhancement drugs.

I am here to help. In this pack, i am offering you any of the above along with 30 minutes personal phone call with me. Let me customize your fitness and diet plan. Also if you need any help with your supplements stack, i am here to guide you.