Aesthetic Indian- May 2017 issue


Aesthetic Indian is India’s first revolutionary fitness magazine for the people who like to stay fit and aesthetic. In this magazine we did not use any professional fitness models, but regular people who are leaving no stone unturned stay aesthetic with limited or rather no platform to showcase their hard earned physique. Please note, this magazine is free, you will only be charged for shipping.

In this issue

Meet India’s George Clooney
Things you should know about good carbs
How to follow a Keto diet
Meet the Pro- Yatinder Singh
Secrets to stay shredded


Product Description

Aesthetic Indian is our attempt to showcase such people across India who have minimal resources to invest on their bodies but strong will power to achieve a body of their dreams. Precisely for this reason we got a professional photo shoot done for all these models who may be hard-pressed on resources.

There are millions of Indians who are aesthetic both from the inside and the outside, but we just don’t know where they are. But thankfully with Aesthetic Indian, we all now would.


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