5 Best whey proteins in the Indian market

As much as we talk about diet and training but there is something about food supplements which takes most of our time. And we usually go by reviews and what others have to say. Which according to me is not a good idea when it comes to buying a food supplement. Our bodies are different and they react differently to different food items. What may have worked on some may not work on others. In this post i will make things little simpler for you. I have curated a list of best whey proteins which i tried and made some of my clients tried with good results. Remember this is an honest feedback as always what you see is what you get. I will cover other products in my next blog posts.

Ultimate Nutrition Prostar

This is one of the most cost effective whey protein powder that you can get your hands on. The taste is alright too, i prefer chocolate creme because i like to have it with sugar free ice cream and it taste just like chocolate milk shake. At the end of the day whey proteins should taste good for us to finish the tub. The cost of this product is somewhere around Rs. 4000-4500 for 5 lbs. Do not pay more than that. 

Dymatize 100% Elite Whey

This one also is very cost effective but the only problem is around duplicity. So long you get the original product this whey proteins is probably the only protein which you would need. You can take it regardless of your body type. The cost of this product is somewhere around Rs. 4500-5000 for 5 lbs. My favorite flavour is again is dark chocolate. 


Inner Armour Whey Protein

This is one of my personal favourites simply because it has 4-5 grams of carbs in every serving. The best thing about inner armour is that almost all retailers will have an original product. Taste wise this is one the best you can ever find. The cost is somewhere between Rs. 4000-4500. 

Labrada Nutrition Leanpro 100 percent Whey

A damn good protein but the only limitation is that is very hard to find in the Indian market. Surprisingly it is very cost effective too Rs. 4800-5200 for 5 lbs. But once you get a habit of having Labrada products you will struggle to find them. 

Universal Nutrition Ultra Whey Pro

This was the first product i ever tried and trust me this still works. Comes with a price tag of Rs. 5000 for 5 lbs and it truly rocks. Vanilla tastes like dry milk but if you can get original one nothing beats Universal.